The Dedication to Hidden Warriors and Martyrs

She will let the readers decide if this story is a myth or fact supported by the evidence. 

Some warriors die fighting for their country. Nobody is there to remember them. Nobody had any clue why they had died. They don’t get any gallantry, president, or  Wartime Gallantry Awards of India’s Highest Military Award: Param Vir Chakra.2nd Highest Military Award: Mahavir Chakra.3rd Highest Military Award: Vir Chakra.Ashoka Chakra.Shaurya Chakra Chakra.Paramish Medal, Seva Medal, Seva Medal, and Vishist Seva Medal. They are the real heroes. They are patriotic. When she hears somebody talking about patriotism, she laughs now, “seriously, man, you guys don’t deserve it.”

She often salutes the stars. She thinks, “People die, and they become stars. They look down to see their loved ones. Those warriors were martyred fighting for their countries. Now they live up in the sky”. Each country has certain agencies that recruit warriors. No country mentions those long-lost souls who were martyred for their countries. Each country loves to mention innovation and technology but not the special secret agencies. They worked hard and died protecting others. Those warriors allow other people to take credit for their work.

This article is dedicated to those brothers and sisters who were martyred serving their countries. It doesn’t matter which country they belonged to. 

The girl is confused about what she should do. She thinks in her mind, “Who should I trust? I don’t trust those so-called protectors. They failed to avoid mass murder. How can they control this new act? Damn, everybody is corrupt. I wonder why my patriotism has started to lose. Reality is different from what we see. People don’t believe in accepting reality. I don’t blame anybody. It is hard for everybody to face reality. They have become sentimental. I cannot believe this policy has nothing else to do, so lets us f&#*k somebody’s emotions. I cannot trust this so-called f—-king people who want to see him dead. What would the f—-k money do? Will this money bring the father of the girls back? My sacrifices were not enough. No, I won’t let my tears go to waste”. 

She has used F words 4 times in the last two minutes. The security guard looks at her surprisingly, “what are you talking about? I have never seen a Muslim woman talking like this before”, as he struggles to open the door. She yells back at him, “Can you just open the door? I am in a hurry. I look like a Muslim woman too, so I need to act like them?’

The security man just took his time to understand her, “why are you always in a hurry? Wait a minute. It is dark. I will walk you to your car. The parking lot is dark. It is not safe like your countryside.”

She looks at 6 feet 5 inches tall security guard. She smells a cigarette from his clothes even though she has stood 4-5 feet away from him, “seriously, man. What a big joke? I don’t have time to save you. Quit dame smoking. If they stand near you for five minutes.”

The security guard just opens his mouth to say something, but she has already disappeared into the dark. As she reached a specific place, she knocked at the door. The door opened directly at her face. She said angrily, “why don’t you just break my face with the pole? the doorknob might not do enough damage.”

The man laughs, “Okay, why are you here? you already said goodbye a long time ago.”

Her face is red. Her eyes are burning with the fire. Her voice is strong. She looks brave today. However, the smart person has sensed the fear inside of the girl. They had faced many difficult situations many times, but he never saw the girl frustrated or overwhelmed. 

The girl asks the man, “It is time to pay back. I need clearance right away”.

The man becomes serious now, “what are you talking about? what has happened now? I thought everything was already over”.

The girl was in a hurry, “do you want to see a woman become a widow without marriage?”

The man is worried now, “The wedding was called off. You are no longer obligated to do anything for him. That was your past. Please, don’t carry your past with you. Go forward with your future”.

The girl snapped at the man, “I will become something you can never think of in your dreams if something happens to him.”

The man immediately grabbed the car key as he heard the girl’s statement, “Let us go. we will discuss while driving”.

The man continues to say, “Have you notified him? Have you informed the local authority? It could be a serious diplomatic case.”

The girl said, “seriously, man, we don’t negotiate. Neither do they have borders nor us. Yes, I have tried to contact people, including local jurisdictions. They are the judge and jury. They think they are God”.

The man noticed that the girl seemed pretty grumpy today. She continued to say, “I have even tried to contact the family. You don’t want to know what I was told. You will lose trust in your wife if I tell you about the conversation. Good, I am not married, so it won’t impact me”.

The jeep was stopped at an undisclosed and classified location. The way both were walking seemed like they knew their destination very well. However, the man hesitated a little to think about what they would face soon. So he asks the girl, “do you think he will give the permission?”

The girl says bravely and with confidence. Otherwise, I will go solo.”

The man stops walking, “No way, he will not guarantee the mission if you are on board.”

Today, the girl does not have tears in her eyes. Instead, you can see the anger in her eyes. The same anger was seen many decades back. At that time, she was a helpless kid, but not now. So, no, she won’t let history repeat before her eyes. 

They knocked at the abandoned building. The man entered the code on the lock pad. The abandoned building is located nowhere. You can’t find it on the map. Many decades back, she came into this building, but she was so scared. Today is something different. Both have entered the main office. They hear an angry voice, “Are you guys out of your mind? do you know what chaos is when everybody finds out about it? But, I need to answer somebody”.

The girl takes the phone out of her pocket, opens it, and gives it to the boss. She tells him, “The passcode of this phone is a combination of his birthday and mine. I need to drink some coffee. You know where to find me.”

She has left the room. The boss entered the code on the phone. So many colors came and went on his face. The man who came along with the girl could not impact the boss’s facial expression. The boss ran behind the girl to find her. She is pouring her coffee. 

The boss said, “Intel is correct and time is less. The only problem is jurisdiction. we don’t have permission to invade this particular country.”

The girl said, “I am going with or without your help.”

The boss tells the girl and man, “Yes, I am here to help you. Those people don’t have any borders. We don’t care about the borders when we go hunting. Certain things need to be handled a certain way. I need to remind you that your job is to take the bullet out instead of putting it Down. Of course, your brother won’t like it either. We don’t want to lose his trust. Do you trust me? 

The girl says bluntly, “No, I don’t trust anybody.”

The boss laughed at the girl. He is not angry. He is not frustrated or overwhelmed. He takes everything calmly and quietly. He told the girl, “The rushing is not the solution at this time. The emotions don’t have value in our group. Emotions are our biggest enemies. We will save him but in an indirect way. Remember, sometimes, the enemy’s enemy can be used as a friend. You are not going anywhere. Yes, you will be allowed to see the mission”.

The girl sits and holds her head and looks at the man known as a boss, “I trust you. You are interested in snipers, and I am interested in saving others”.

The boss admitted, “This is a win-win for both.”

The next thing he did, which he should do. She sits quietly when she receives a video call from a local source. The girl smiles with the victory. She is so close to him. that she can see him. She could see the mole on his face, which she had planned to remove. Suddenly tears came to her eyes. They were not her ordinary tears. They were not tears of sadness. They were the tears of happiness. They were the tears of victory and joy. 

That day, the brother had done his job to protect the life of a sister. As a result, many children were saved from becoming orphans. The girl’s hand raised up automatically to salute her brother. The brother has paid the price. Locals were busy celebrating. Nobody has a clue until now what happened that night. Does nobody know where the sniper and fedayeen attackers have gone? 

Her tears are different. She could not thank him because the words were not enough to say thanks for what he had done to save innocents. Yes, so-called protectors and politicians were busy unfurling the flag while somewhere, the real warriors were cleaning the mess after diverting the directions of bullets. The girl thinks in her mind, “I wish it had happened a couple of decades ago. I will not be watching this scene today. My Abu could be alive.”

This is the first time the girl has not saluted the flag. Instead, she thought, “The dirty hands have touched the tri-color and Ashoka chakra.” 

The girl is sad, but her soul is happy. One of the survivors was a senior law enforcer who blocked her phone after making his judgment. She did not come to judge anybody. Instead, she did what she had to do. She did what she had sworn in. This is her job. However, many lives could have been saved if the top cop had not made his judgemental decision.

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