The Connection

Image by me in 2014

The barefooted girl walks around the valley. She is yelling something, “no, you are not paying the price. I am born unlucky and with bad luck. I won’t let you pay for it”. The beautiful valley smiles, “It is too late. There is a two way to pay the sins. Sometimes, the children pay the price of elderlies or vice versa”. The girl cries, “you are too beautiful. I want you to remain beautiful. Do you know that I love you a lot? don’t you.  People are lying. They say whatever they think is right or their little brain or mind thinks”. The valley smiles, “It is okay. Yes, I know that you love me a lot. You were gone far away but your soul never left me. Your absence always stuck inside of me. I always felt your presence. Always remember it, child, that children are not the only ones who love their parents. It could be another way around”.

The girl does not want to listen as usual. She covers both ears with her hands, “No way, no way, I won’t let you suffer. I won’t let you pay for the actions of others. Do you know about it that I have tried my best to protect you? Nobody believes it. Everybody judged me wherever I went. So, I have decided not to go anywhere. Now, I sit here quietly and lonely. I am away from you. The darkness of my life should not impact you so that is why I am sitting too far away. Why are you still suffering?”

The valley smiles with the pain, “It is called a connection. The wise people were right. The history is being repeated. Only you and I could understand. Do you believe in almighty? of course, you do and so I do believe in the almighty.”

The girl wipes her tears and cleans her nose, ” tell me how? my valley. It is out of sense. Everything is out of my sense”.

Now, the girl sits on the floor. She looks around her. The valley is full of tall and green trees that touch the blue sky. The top of the surrounding mountains shines with white snow. The valley talks back to her,” It is called a connection. You never lost love for me. You are gone to the top country in the world. However, you have always looked back to me when it comes to love and safety. I am failed to provide you both safety and love”.

The girl cries again, “don’t blame yourself. It is a human error. It is not your fault. why you are suffering”.

The valley smiles back, “This is the problem. The view and thoughts of people have changed with the advancement of technology and science. Everything has changed but not you. You are still standing in your old place. Do you ever use science to save others’ life at work? yes, you do use science and technology. But, you fail to apply it when it comes to feeling and love”.

Image taken by me in 2018

The girl gets confused, “Don’t make me confused, Valley. I don’t like people when they make me confused. I love it when people talk directly to me. so, talk to me in a straight language. Don’t give me a headache”.

The valley continues to smile, “you are silly. you will never grow up”.

The girl defends herself, “yes, I know it. I am good to be silly. I don’t want to grow up at all. Can you mind your own business”?

The valley looks at the girl with a pain, “yes,  I can mind my business. However, your business is also my business. You are my beloved daughter who is separated a long time ago. You were taken away from me unwillingly. I have forgotten you because I had got busy with my other children but I have ignored you. I have many children but I was one mother for you”

The girl tells the valley, “it is okay, Valley. I don’t mind it”.

The Valley turns toward the girl, “Don’t interrupt me. Let me talk. I don’t know when you will overcome your bad habit of interrupting others. You always come to me. People go where they feel safe, secure, and loved. I am a safe and loved place for you. I was failed to protect you. I could not protect you and your love. You had returned crying. You were sick both physically and mentally. You had knocked every door in the valley. Nobody opened the door for you. Some did it but they shut their door on you due to fear. The daughter came home and nobody could help her. all doors were shut down on your face. Nobody could have the courage to wipe your tears. You looked everywhere but no door was open for you. No, you are not crying alone now. Everybody is crying for different reasons in the valley. Now, I have made everybody to cry for some different reasons.  a good mother treats all her children in the very same way. I am sorry that I have forgotten you. I thought that you were gone for good. I realize later that you never wanted to leave me but you were forced to leave me twice but I could not do anything. 

The girl says, “It is okay Valley. I have adopted my new lifestyle. Let the people rest now”.

Most of the time, the valley is peaceful and quiet. The girl is stubborn and hot-headed. Today, her valley talks to her with an open heart. The valley could see the little girl hiding alone in the room on new year’s eve while the rest of the world is celebrating it. 

The girl tries her best to divert the valley’s attention, “Look at my nails.  Do you like my new nail color? I can’t show to him. Can you tell him about my beautiful nail paint? I have done it for him. You are right that I am a silly”. 

The valley doesn’t want to quiet today, “A mother gives justice to her children. It is my way to give you justice. People won’t believe it. Only wise people will understand it. Yes, your friends are right. The people of the valley are paying the price of your tears. Don’t you see the connection? Don’t you see the correlation of your pain, abandonment, and the suffering of the valley? You were good at math. what happens to you now. I think that your friends are better than you in math now. Can you do some math to find the connection?. I won’t tell them directly what and why it happened. I follow whatever almighty tells us to do it. It won’t stop until everybody would pay the price of their sins. They need to brave. They need to learn. I wish that all my children have courage like you”

The girl is quiet now and listens to the valley without interrupting her. The valley continues to talks to her, “The history is being repeated. Once many were punished for their mistakes after Abu has died. Either you need to change or them. people could say that you are being delusional. So, that is why this conversation is only ours. One day everybody would realize it but it will be too late. I just want to know that I am a mother and giving you justice my way. You are being loved and cared for. Don’t you think being punished if you left me a long time ago? for mothers, the children are the same. Remember my silly girl, you are my daughter. I don’t belong to Muslim people only. You don’t have to change the faith and belief to get my attention. People of the valley love everybody with equality. I belong to all of you that are born in my lap. I belong to everybody who cares and loves nature and humanity. There will be always a connection between me and you. Forget about your coward lover, he will realize soon. His eyes will be open soon when he would come to know the reality. He won’t be my child if he still does not get it. A new year eve now, I want you to be happy. I love my innocent and silly girl who drive people’s life crazy. I don’t like this new version of you”.

The girl wipes her tears, “You are right my dear beautiful valley. I don’t care what people think about me. all I know that I love you and I love my bubby boy. I don’t mind if everybody says that I am insane. It does not matter if my bubby is good or bad but he is my love of life. It does not matter either if you are a beautiful valley or not but you will be always mine. I will sleep now. In the morning, I need to save some lives”

The girl makes fun of the valley again, “can you believe it? An insane save the life of a genius. Can you believe if a woman saves the life of a man? Man becomes a coward but the woman fights back with the full of courage. Give me a high five. Oh, I just remember to tell you that I am one of four dysfunctional geniuses. I love you too. My dear Valley, I wish you a new year bring the new light to my valley. Bless the people with their freedom. Bless the people of the valley with love and peace. Make the valley prosperous again. Bless the valley with a lot of bundle of joys. Keep the bad people, darkness, and bad fate away from my people and Valley”.

The girl shouts back at the valley, “Don’t tell anybody. You are still my favorite place on earth. don’t share it with anybody. People kinds jealous of my love for you. Keep my hubby bubby safe and happy. You owe me. so be good to him. I don’t need justice. I don’t need love anymore. Can you promise me that you keep my people safe and healthy as usual? Otherwise, I will call you an ugly valley in the entire world. Do you get it?”.

The valley laughs, “This is my silly girl talking now”.

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