Bye Bye 2019, Welcome 2020: The Destiny

Happy new year eve. People are preparing to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome to 2020. Finally, 2020 will be hereafter midnight. People wish each other for a happy new year. They often wish a happy new year to themselves which is an excellent idea. She is also happy and excited. There is no one around her to wish a happy new year to her. Yes, she has received many wishes and video clips for a happy new year. She is very happy because one year will be cut down from her life. She knows very well but she still looking around. 

People hopes for a good new year and a good new destiny. They wish to leave an old and bad fate and memories behind and wish to join a prosperous and happy destiny. People do everything to make themselves happy. It does not matter what cost they have to pay. Some good souls do the act of kindness to help others. Some are selfish who want everything for themself. Some sacrifices for others but some don’t hesitate to destroy others. Not everybody has caring and sharing behavior. What would be the world today if everybody adopts the share and care behavior? well, this is only suited for the animals and birds. we are the superior kind on this planet so it won’t suit for the human race.  Humankind is always special which salutes to the sunrise. 

Once he decided to change her destiny. He wanted to give her a happy life. He wanted to wipe her tears. he wanted to full her life with joy and happiness. He wanted her to see the world through his eyes so she could feel love and happiness only. He wanted her to forget the painful years of her life. He wanted her smile from the bottom of her heart. He promised her to bring the stars from the sky and flowers from the garden. He wanted to give her everything which she had lost. It was not only the matter of man’s love. It was a matter of her entire life. People say, what the hick if he left you. someone body else will come into your life”. However, she thinks a different way. It did not only matter of man’s love. It was a matter of her desires, hopes, happiness, and dreams. He was not a matter of only”man’s love”. He was everything meant to him. He was not only her lover who had told her every other minute, but I also love you”. She never believes in this type of love. She never felt alone when he was in her life. He was her mother, father, sister, brother, Abu, and her best friend. She had not lost only ‘man’s love” but also lost her mother, father, sister, brother, Abu, and best friend again. it does hurt a lot when you lose somebody again and again. The wound opens and heals again. It takes a while. It heals but leaves the scars behind. The physical wounds heal with time. The wound on our mind and soul never heals which leaves permanent marks on our brain. Those wounds reopen again and again when any holidays, new years or festival comes. This is a normal human phenomenon to remember the loved ones on a special occasion. This is very natural when she looks for him everywhere when any special occasion comes.

He wanted to change her destiny. of course, he did change it. He changed it permanently that nobody could change it anymore. She is afraid to get happy today. She is afraid to have new hopes and desires or dreams. Happiness is not her destiny so she changes her direction to a new route.  She blesses everybody but she is the only person who afraid to bless herself. Her life is good without a destination and without a destiny. All she wishes everybody on this planet have a wonderful and happy new year. All she requests, “Please don’t bless me any happiness. I am afraid of this word. It is a kind of nightmares”. 

writing the above lines, she could not stop her tears. today she has allowed to let the tears out. She looks at the Babaji picture which she cannot see clearly. How she can see it clearly because her eyes are welled with the ocean of tears. Her inner eyes are also blocked with fear. She tells her Babaji, “Please bless this planet with happiness and joy. Keep everybody healthy. Make sure nobody has tears like me. No more Sara should be born on this planet in 2020. This is also your responsibility that doesn’t allow anybody to militate my emotions in 2020. Bless this humankind with some satisfaction. Bless a happy new year to everybody even who hates me and loves me”. 

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