The Cloud

The elderly lady used to tell her that the soul starts to live on the clouds when the person dies. So she wonders if her bubby is alive and his soul is dead. She thinks that his soul lives in the clouds now.

Banny continues to bark. He jumps around, which hinders her view of seeing the clouds. The white cloud covers the entire sky. There is only one, but his reflection makes many figurines. She yells at Banny, “Can you just sit quietly?” I can’t see the clouds”.

Her imaginary friend #1,” Why are you yelling at the dog. Who will bark if the dog does not allow to bark? Why are you getting rude to everybody? What’s wrong with you?’

Suddenly she realizes her mistake. She calls loudly, “come to me, my pup. I love you. You are my great doggy boy. But you really need to move to the side so I can see the clouds”.

The dog barks at her, “Why do you want to see the clouds? I want you to play with me”.

She tells the dog again, “please, pup, can you move to the side? I really need to see the clouds”,
But the pup is a pup who refuses to move away. So she tells the dog,” okay, come over here. I will show you the white clouds. How beautiful are the clouds”.

The dog runs towards her and sits on her feet. As she tells him,” look over the big white cloud. Have you seen who is sitting on the cloud?”. She whispers into her doggie’s ear,” don’t tell anybody. I could see him sitting over there. He is watching us. Look at him”.

Suddenly, she starts to cry. My friends and Ina boy came to join them,” don’t be sad. Are you feeling alone? Do you miss talking to your family? We know that you have not spoken to them in a couple of weeks. It’s okay. You will be talking to them as soon as the situation gets better”.

She cried and said simultaneously, “yes, I want to go back to the valley again. I want to see him. I promise that I won’t come in front of him. I won’t let him know that I am here to see him. Can I go, guys?”

The imaginary friend # 2 tells her, “First, you need to stop crying and talking simultaneously. We can’t understand half of the things you are trying to tell us”.

She laughs now,” I don’t like you at all. You make me laugh. Honestly, I love it when you have made me laugh. It reminds me of my fun childhood. Why have I grown up? I need to stay younger. Everyone used to love me. But not anymore since I am grown-up”.

“Okay, okay, don’t cry anymore,” Ina boy said. They all start laughing, but she continues to stare at the clouds as she sees him slowly walking over the clouds. She feels that he tells her to join him on the clouds.

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