The Night Before Darkness: Part # 2

The girl never used to believe destiny. She always said, “We make our own karma”. The girl was wrong. The god already has written our karma even before we born. Often, she received some calls from Binu. He was not Binu anymore. He was settled down in USA with a different name and ID. She often told Binu on the phone, “Take care of yourself. Don’t do anything crazy or try not to be a hero. I won’t be there to protect you. Do you go to school or what? Binu told the girl, “yes, I go to school. I miss you. Everything is here but I miss the fun that we used to have together”.

Binu used to call once a month because he was dependant on her aunt. Slowly, his calls had reduced to every 2-3 months. Time never waits for anybody. The girl tried to survive alone but destiny had already knocked at her door. After the soldier died, the girl was also reached in the USA.  The childhood best friends and Aunt-nephew was on the same land but on the different part of the country. One morning, the girl was playing with her little bald son when the phone suddenly rang. Her son’s father handed her phone, “This call is for you. Your partner in crime”.  The girl got excited, “hey, Binu, How are you?” Binu was also so excited to meet his childhood buddy and partner in crime.

Afterward, Binu called the girl every other day. Both made fun of each other. Sometimes, the girl told Binu, “Hey, let’s talk in our language so nobody can understand what we are talking”.  They often had a long conversation in their mother tongue. Her son’s father always asked, What you guys talk about”. The girl always teased him. “we talked about you. All the bad things about you”. That was not the truth. She and Binu always shared about their wonderful childhood and how they were when they had played in the farmhouse together.  

One evening, Binu called her. He was so excited, “write a date in your calendar. I am getting married”. The girl said right away, “who is the unlucky woman getting married to you. Have she seen you?” The girl was already married now and had given birth to her bald son. But she still jealous of Binu for having fair skin while she was darker. On another end, Binu laughed, “I am not like you stuck in a arrange marriage. This is my love marriage”. 

The girl wanted to attend Binu’s wedding but she did not want to go either. Her mom-in-law told her, “You must go to attend his wedding. He is not only your nephew but also your childhood friend”. The girl did not tell the old lady but thought in her mind, “Binu knows me well. he would know right away that I am not happy.” First, the girl thought to take the bald boy with her and thought never returned again. Then suddenly her mother’s advised echoed in her brain.  She kindly excuse not to attend the wedding. She told Binu, “sorry, I won’t able to attend the wedding as my son is so young”.  Binu got married after a couple of weeks.

one week after his wedding, suddenly the phone rang again. The girl looked at the caller ID and told her mom-in-law, “Mom, here we go. It is not even one week of his marriage. He is already calling to eat my brain”. The girl answered the phone. She did not say a single word but continued to listen to the phone. The girl turned pale and she looked like a ghost.  She turned off the phone without saying a single word. Her mom asked, “this was a quick call”. The girl hugged her mom-in-law and started to cry, “Mom, it was not my Binu. It was my cousin Binu’s father. Binu is in critical condition. He wants to see me”. Mom said, “what happened. He just got married”. The girl held her head and sat down on the floor praying for her nephew’s well being. Her mother tried to book the ticket. She was ready to leave home. when the phone rang again which brought the bad news. On the other side, her cousin was crying, “Binu has gone to meet almighty. My son is gone to almighty”. The girl could hear her sister-in-law (Binu’s mother) crying hysterically. The girl got so scared and she refused to go. She refused to attend the funeral of his partner in crime and favorite nephew. Everybody all over the world people who knew their family came to attend the funeral. However, the girl had refused to attend the funeral. She refused to talk to anybody. Her own mother came from India to attend the funeral of her grandson. Her mother took  Binu’s remains back to her native country. 

This is called destiny. The young man was sent out of his native town so he could be safe. However, It was already written. Binu was killed during the robbery at his own store. The robbers did not only rob the store but also burned Binu. He was 90% burn. He fought for his life for one week but It was written already. The girl was told that Binu’s face was also totally burned. Binu was a handsome boy. How many girls were attracted to him? Later, The girl never talked to Binu’s parents. Six years later, The girl went to attend the wedding of her another nephew. She left her both kids with her mom-in-law. She hugged her cousin (Binu’s father) at the airport. Neither he nor the girl talked about Binu.  Both had said many things to each other without saying a single word. Her mom-in-law also had advised her not to cry because there was a wedding at home. Crying for the dead not taken as a good sign during the happy hours at home. The girl reached her cousin’s home. As she entered the door, her sister-in-law (Binu’s mom) reached toward the girl. She hugged the girl and cried until who knows how long. The girl cried too. Everybody cried who was present there to attend the wedding.

Her sister-in-law was crying and telling the girl, “why you did not come to visit him. He waited for you”. The girl cleaned her sister-in-law’s eyes with her hands and said, “I did not come because there was nothing left for me to come. I was on my way when I heard that he had gone to meet almighty. You know me. I could come to tease him to just remind him that he did not have a handsome and a fair skin face anymore.  The girl stayed with her family for one week. She observed her sister-in-law kept looking at the girl wherever she went. The girl knew right away that her sister-in-law was tried to find if her son was somewhere around her. 

Afterward, the girl never visited her cousin’s family. The girl’s own destiny was continued making turns so how she should remember about anybody else. Many decades later, the girl went back to see her ailing mother. As she reached home, her sister in law opened the door. The two houses in one complex were the same except the old structure was demolished except a few rooms. The rest of the house was rebuilt with modern technology. Not to mention, the girl was born when nobody had hope. This was the reason her nephews were the same age as her. 

One evening before, the girl was ready to depart to the Valley. The girl had sit on the rooftop. Everything was changed. Everything looked so crowded. Her sister-in-law came upstairs and talked to the girl, “do you miss him?”. The girl said suddenly, “yes, I do miss him. Somehow all the dead people of this family often visit me in the dream. He comes too”.

Her sister-in-law laughed at her, “they come to you because you are not taking them out of your mind. I give you a guarantee that your mom will never come to your dream”. Both laughed instead of crying but both had felt pain deep down in the heart. The girl told her sister-in-law, “Are you ready to take the responsibility of the house when mom would leave”. Her sister in law said, “No, but I have to take responsibility. There are no other options. Do you know that our door was never locked from outside due to your mother?. I think that won’t be the case anymore”?

The girl suddenly thoughts about it, “you are right. I don’t know if we ever locked our home from the outside. Does the lock still work? Both were actually tried to ignore the real conversation. The girl took responsibility for talking about Binu. They often looked toward the farmhouse while sipping the tea. The girl suddenly said, “Bhabi Ji, do you remember what I and Binu used to do while we were children? The girl saw the light in her sister-in-law’s eyes, “I have two other boys but I never forget about him”. 

The girl pointed to the 14 feet fence, “I don’t know how many times we had jumped the fence to get out of the house”. Her sister-in-law looked at her with curiosity. The girl continued to talk, “yes, we did a lot of bad things together. It was me and him who locked the neighbor’s house from outside because we wanted the neighbor woman to suffer. Who gets up early morning at 4 am to use the outhouse? Once I and Binu had compelled our servant to jump the fence because we wanted to give him a hard time. It was us who had beaten the con beggar who used to rob the women telling them all lies about the future.  I and Binu had stolen your lipsticks. We had colored all buffaloes and cows with your lipsticks when you were gone to the temple. It was me who punctured Binu’s head with a stone. Do you remember when we went to collect the money from the woman whom the grandma had lent money but later she refused to give it back? I and Binu had compelled the woman to return the grandmother’s money. Actually we threatened the woman taking all her cows and buffaloes if she did not return the grand mother’s money. Yes, we were not a good kid. We were actually a partner in crime. We did all the good and bad crimes together. 

The girl thoughts her sister-in-law would get mad or upset at her. No, sis-in-law just smiled and said, “Yes, you had also saved him that night”. The girl thoughts in her mind, “No, I did not save him that night. It was the destiny. He was born to die at his young age but in a different part of the world. His death was written in the USA, not at his birthplace”. 

So, we really don’t know about the future. Nothing is permanent in this universe. Almighty always changes the direction. The person could have hope only but fate is in the almighty’s hands. It does not matter what you do. It does not matter where you are and who are you. The things will happen but not according to you. It will happen as almighty wishes to do. Who Is me or you? It is the almighty who make the decision. 

The girl never visited her cousin again but she often thinks about the old timings. 

Once she used to think, “The person makes his or her own karma”. The slippery slope of her life has changed her view toward destiny, God, and fate.  

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