Daily Journal (12/27/2019)

She was in a half-sleep when she heard the familiar sound, “Wake up, Munna. This is me. Wake up, Munna”. She opened her eyes and saw a familiar face standing next to her. She got angry, “Go away. Go away. I want you to leave right now. Why you come in my dreams to disturb me. Don’t come back. I needed you but you didn’t have the courage to come. Your cowardliness has made me a cripple. You are responsible for this”.

She tried to sleep but could not sleep afterward. She got the urge to cough but got scared. She thoughts, I have an option to chose: a throbbing pulsating headache or pneumonia”.
She made her choice. She coughed. She felt that her head would explode anytime but she also knew that it will last only for a couple of minutes. She was managed to return to her bed while holding the head tightly with both hands. The headache started to go away but her mind was continued to think, “This is the price that I got for loving you”.

The headache was completely gone. But she had felt so weak. She did not have any idea when had slept. She woke up after a couple of hrs, “It is another battle which I must need to win”.

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