The War: Part # 1

The war never brings happiness. It causes destruction and ruins people’s life. It does not matter if the war is between families, nations, or domestic. It ruins everything. It brings poverty. It negatively impacts the economy. It influences negatively on the public’s health, economy, property, and education. The world went through two world wars. The people in Japan still suffers from the nukes which were used by Americans.

Each country spends trillions on war toys each year. Can these trillions of dollars be spent on hungry kids or education for poor people? Can this money be used to raise the living standards of poor people who live in the chalet or cannot afford to eat one meal? Can this money be used to cure health issues? Can we use this money to raise the welfare and health of others?

People say America interferes with each country’s business. Of course, being a leader of the world, America interferes with other nations’ businesses. There will be nukes everywhere if America won’t control the situation. I am not agreed with the American system spending money on war. That money should be used in the healthcare system. America has a worse health care system compared to other developed countries. I won’t talk about the poverty and living standards of people in my native country because it is too ashamed to talk about. Not to mention, only four countries in the world have a triad nuke system, and my native country is one of those countries. What is the pride for the citizen of my country having a strong nuke system? No, it is not pride for patriotisms for having a strong nuclear power. It is a shame that a child goes to sleep without eating. It is a shame when a person sleeps without the roof in cold weather. The woman gets raped and her criminal goes free. What your nuke power would do?

Of course, nuclear power helps to keep your head up among other nations. Media successfully cover the new inventions so the entire world could see our progress or power. Nobody cares about the child or a poor woman.

There is a long list of the negative impacts of war. What is the benefit of war? Yes, there is a benefit of war but only limited to the few people. So I won’t able to explain benefits better. The politicians and industrialists can explain better about the benefits of war.

Why war? Why we fight? Why we don’t live in harmony? The war is a game of politics when it happens at the international level or national level. It is a matter of jealous and greed when it comes to the domestic level. The fake pride, greed, and jealousy lead to the war. The lies lead to the war. “I am better than you” kind of attitude leads to the war.

My native country went to fight the war with China and Pak before my birth. The most last war of Kargil was fought only at one side of the border which was lasted for two months and three weeks. Thank God, I was already moved out of the country. It was started in May and was ended on Jan 26, 1999. Almost 500 Indian soldiers and 400 Pak soldiers died but India won the war. A piece of land was won after scarifying the blood of 500 soldiers. There is a monument to remember the martyrs of soldiers in Kargil. What about the family members of those martyrs? A husband would never return to his wife. A sister will never see her brother. Elderly parents will never see their son again. A father won’t return home to play with his daughter or son. Who cares about those emotional relationships. We had won the materialism which is the most important thing.

I had left JK when I was five years old due to terrorism. There was another war waiting for me in my ancestor’ town: Sikh terrorism or genocide which was also lasted for 10 years. It was ended in 10 years when people eventually had learned about the game of politics. The Kashmir valley continues to suffer to the present. It is also a game of politics and religious leaders. But innocent people are emotionally blackmailed on the namesake of religion and faith. Religion is a very sensitive issue. It is easy to start the war or domestic violence in my native country for the namesake of any religion. You don’t have to have a specific reason to start the riots or violence. All you need to do is a cigarette, pig, and beef. The people are so innocent that they don’t think who is lost the battle. For example, the Valley is shut down since August 5th. Not to mention, the Valley is 20 years behind in prosperity compared to the rest of my native country. Who is looser here? Local public, poor people or middle-class families are suffering now. Everyone else has internet or electricity or they have access to all accommodations except the middle class or innocent people.

The war leaves open wounds. It is a hunger of power otherwise nothing else. Sometimes two parties are busy fighting but 3rd party takes the advantage. It feels good when others fight the war but it is also like a fire that easily wrapped surrounding areas and people. It is the best idea to come in a middle to resolve the issue than watching and waiting. There is always an option to resolve any issues.

Today each nation on this earth is highly armed. What would happen if there will be a third war? Believe me, you don’t have to worry about the overpopulated world, pollution or the future of your future generations or global warming. It would end in one day If there is a 3rd world war. It would impact the nature too. Maybe one-day birds will fly on the sky, will be talking to each other, “ once upon a time, humankind used to live there who had not only destroyed their own nest but also the world of another species”. We will be like a dinosaur for the birds if the birds would manage to survive.

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