Happy Holidays

Everyone is so excited about the x-mas. It is very similar to the Diwali festival. I think holidays should be celebrated by everyone because it brings happiness. I am sad and depressed, but I still love holidays. I do celebrate Christmas, Diwali, and Eid. Those are the biggest holidays. No, you don’t have to celebrate holidays based on your faith or religion. We should celebrate the holidays for happiness. The USA is a land of people who believe in diversity. People believe in a different faith, religion, or culture. I feel lucky celebrating all those holidays.

I have not participated in any holidays or festivals since last year. I had not celebrated Diwali or Eid either. Every year on Christmas Eve, we get together at one of my distant relatives. My family has shunned me because I have loved a Muslim man. My man has abandoned me because I had spoken the truth.

Because of Christmas, I have bought a gift for family and friends’ kids, and I have already delivered it to them. There is a Christmas tree with beautiful lights in my living room. There are also multi-color lights shimmering on the roof and garage. Of course, my son has made sure that Santa has stood in our front yard.

We live in this part of the world, so we have adopted and adjusted to both western and eastern cultures.

The entire area is beautifully decorated. The cold weather and snow have made it more beautiful. One of my neighbors is an expert in decorating. His house is always decorated beautifully, and it does not matter if it is Halloween or Christmas. First, I thought his wife did all the decoration, but I was wrong. He is a biomedical engineer and the father of two young boys, so he is always busy, but he always finds time to do all the decoration.

Every Xmas eve, I take a day off. Every Xmas day, I had worked. All my Christian colleagues go to church to worship, so I always work on X-mas. It is our mutual understanding. Every year, I celebrate new year’s eve at work with my co-workers. I am not actively working now, but I am on reserve duty. I keep my privileges and credentials current with my company and hospitals.

This year, the kids have decided to celebrate Xmas with their families. I am on-call, so I will stay somewhere in the hotel where I can be easily available to work if someone cannot work. Only my top boss knows that I am available to work. It is not easy to take a day off in case you get sick if you work in an emergency room and trauma center. You need to be there. Of course, sometimes we are sick more than our patients, but we don’t get the doctor’s excuse. So I will be sitting in the hotel alone on Xmas day, or I will be working.

The holidays bring happiness. It brings people and families together. But my family, happiness, or world is far away from me, which I cannot reach in this life. I am happy and bless everybody, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” I wonder why Santa has forgotten to bring my gift from the north pole.

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