Daily Journal: Day # 5

Her childhood friend has called her after sometimes. She did not answer the phone but communicated through WhatsApp. The friend was not in good condition. He was betrayed by his own brother. He had written her, “I had loved my brother more than my own life. But he broke my trust. I don’t feel like talking to anybody. I am so depressed. I feel so ashamed to talk with anybody about it”.

She advised him to stay strong. Everything will be fine. The tear starts to shed from her eyes. She could not tell her friend, “This is an era of darkness. Nobody is yours. I have loved somebody more than myself. See what happened to me. My life is taken away from me. so don’t trust anybody”.

She could tell him all this stuff. But instead, she lies to him, ” everything will be fine.” How easy is it to say, “everything will be fine.” Why is she not fine then? It makes sense, “my pain is only mine.”

Both friends have talked about childhood stories. How good were those days? Unfortunately, childhood will not return anymore. She wishes to have a remote control to press the back button to live in her childhood forever.

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