My The 2020 Goals

I can’t believe that time is passed so quickly. Everyone seems busy making their 2020 goals. my mind also thought about making the 2020 goal when my big boy came to ask me, hey mom, a local breeder is selling a pure border collie 4 months old male doggy just for $2700. Maybe it is a sign to replace Banny boy now”. I was busy writing when he said. I have no idea when the word came out of my mouth,” does anybody selling Altaf so I can buy him too. Is this time to replace everyone?

The boy did not leave the room. He smiled and sat next to me. He said, “mom, it is a time to start living life again. You need to start somewhere in your new life. what do you think to start your life by replacing Banny with another dog”.

I looked at the boy carefully. my little bald head has grown up like a big boy. I knew right away that it is a gang attack when my daughter enters my room after a couple of minutes, “ lady, I am agreed with your son. It is time to replace the dame mutt”.

both decided to help me to make the 2020 goal. My son said, “eyesight is important so we will consult the ophthalmologist about your worsening eyesight” this should be goal number 1. I responded right away. “ my eyesight is good. It is due to crying excessively. My cornea is covered with an extra layer due to crying excessively. I don’t need an eye specialist. I need to treat my tears”. So improving eyesight and maintaining eye health goals is out of the 2020 goal list now. The boy didn’t want to give up,” okay how about your spine surgery. It is over 6 months now when you had received your Tpa for stroke. It is over six months now, so there is no contraindication for surgery. The surgeon is willing to repair both fractures at the same time. Your lumbar 5 fracture need to be just cemented but cervical spine fracture is important to fix now. Last time the doctor said that cervical injury compromising your fingers. That is why you don’t have a sensation on your 4 and 5th finger.

She answered quickly to his question, “why I need surgery? I don’t feel pain at all. Have you guys seen me taking Tylenol or ibuprofen? Why I have to go under anesthesia and knife. All I need is a well-cushioned collar for my neck. I feel sometimes my neck not co-operating with my head and body. I really need to support the neck. Both of you should buy a cushioned collar as my Xmas gift. So the second goal of 2020 is already completed in 2019.

I was thinking like, “I will rather work if I want to spend 2020 around the doctors”. In my mind, I was thinking to talk with my primary care doctor to tell her that do not use my kids to convince me for the surgeries. She is not only my doctor but also a good friend who wants me to recover.”

My little one said, “you spent your entire life studying. So make a 2020 goal going back to your work”.

I was like this,” I am lazy and don’t feel like working. I don’t like every day ends up dealing with similar things. No, I am good just filling the blanks”. So the 3rd goal of 2020 is completed without initiating it.

The girl said, “how about working on your family and friends relationship”. Before she completed the sentences, I get agitated and told both of them, “leave my room and mind your business. Work on your goals not mine”.

The boy said, “ okay how about traveling the world instead of driving around the forests”. That is a good idea, boy, I will make the plan in 2020 where to travel in 2021”

Both left the room but it makes me think about making my own 2020 goals. I would stay in the valley for at least six months. I will stay away from humans, reality, conflicts, and all the principles of my father. This is my 2020 goal. It is achievable and affordable.

t is not a cup of my tea to go to the gym due to multiple injuries and broken bones. I can add another goal in 2020, ” no more car accidents”. I always scared of anesthesia. Once he had made a promise staying along with me during the surgery. the titanic rods need to take out of my arms. The rods in my arms often cause tendonitis and cellulitis. He did not fulfill his promise so why I should go for surgery.
in the end, I have two goals: Return to the Valley and live there for at least 4-6 months, and no more car accidents.

12 thoughts on “My The 2020 Goals

  1. Your 2020 goal is to much good with your kids, but one thing I want to say that,, if you back to the place where something happens to your sweetheart, it’s makes you more depressive.. I pray for you and your family to be a good and light Future! Thanks for sharing..

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  2. Hey, Munna Sara! Hope your New Year gets off to a blessed start. If you’re going to be traveling, I can see why you wouldn’t want to, but I’m on your kids’ side on the dog thing. There is nothing like a waggy, kissy puppy to bring a smile back into your heart. Miles, our dog, is kind of the happiness police in our house. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Nora. Happy new year eve. I am glad to know about Miles. My Banny boy came and he brought lot of happiness in my life. Banny gone so was my happiness. Now, I am afraid to have another Banny boy. I love doggies. I just enjoy from a distance now. No more gain and nothing to loose, kind of thing. I wish a new year brings lot of blessing for you. I wish a new year bless your kind soul to be always kind and stronger which always willing to support others. You are a great soul. God bless all of you.


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