The Crucial Day

She ran toward the soldier boy, “Abu, Abu, Can you stay with me today?”

Abu asks her, “why? What is wrong with you? Why are you crying today? How many times I have told you not to cry?”

She suddenly stops crying, “I am sorry. Silly me. I always forget about it. I am scared. I need to sleep. I am hungry, but I don’t feel like eating either. I am feeling very cold”.

Abu tells her, “Okay, eat something first. Why you can’t sleep”.

She says,” Don’t you remember what date today is? Hello, my memory is getting poor but not yours. Don’t tell my dad or chachu about my crying. I am feeling alone. Can you believe that people say this world is full of 8 billion people? However, I am alone”.

Abu encourages her, “No, you are not alone. I am always with you. Banny and Ina boys are also with you. We take the turn to be with you”.

She tells Abu, “Thanks for being nice to me. You are a good boy. Sometimes, I think that you should have alive. Nobody could be going to make me cry if you were alive.

Abu looks at her, ” okay, you look tired and exhausted, so go to sleep. I will pray when you sleep”.

She commands Abu, “Okay, bravo, don’t let any monster come into my dream. Only Bubby boy has permission to come into my dream, so don’t stop him. I do like it when he comes into my dream. Abu teases her, “I thought you love me most.” She cleans her tears. Bright smiles come on her face. Finally, she admits, “Are you jealous of him, soldier boy? Honestly, I do love him more than anything in this world. Don’t tell my mommy, though. She does not like him. You know my mommy better than me”.

She continues to talk with Abu when he tries to sleep, “This is all your fault. You should not have died. I should have married you so nobody could make me cry”. Abu teased her, ” Oh, I see. You were planning to marry me so nobody could make you cry”. She started to cry again, “Abu, Abu, it is all your fault. You were the one who always told me not to cry”. 

Abu laughs, “Okay, kid, go to sleep now. I will make sure that no monster comes into your dream”.

She wakes up when she tries to sleep, “Abu, Abu, do you think my bubby boy would ever know that I truly love him. Will he ever learn the truth one day?  

Abu advised her again, “what I had told you in the past. The truth and fire can not be written for a long time. He is a brilliant man. It may be possible if he knows the truth already. Sometimes, there are no choices to make the right decision”.Abu becomes speechless when she says, “but dad had told me that there is always an option.”

Abu watches her sleeping. She mutters, ” It is a crucial day. He was not allowed to meet me. I had left for Delhi from Srinagar a year ago. I was kept looking for him everywhere, but he was nowhere. This was the first time he had left me alone. He was so nice to me. He never left me alone for five minutes. There were many evils, demons, and devils. I will never go back to my native country. Can you believe that he left me alone in Delhi? My bubby is not a good bubby anymore. People say too many things, which I still don’t believe. But, good or bad, he is the love of my life. Abu, can you be kind enough please, keep watching me while I am sleeping? . I have seen his recent picture today”.

She sleeps, but Abu thinks, “you will never grow up. You will always be a little girl. Your childhood was the best time of your life. Your loved one had always stolen the rest of your life. Don’t worry. I will always be protecting you”. 

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