The 911 Call

Call 911 - Wikipedia

The 911 operator answered the call, “what is your emergency”. On another side, the child told the operator, “They are going to kill my mother”. The operator, “How old are you? what is your name? Stay calm. I am here to help you”. The child got scared and he hung up the phone. The call was coming from the landline. The child’s voice seems frightening. The operator thoughts, “No, It is not a prank call”. She dispatched with the address which she got due to registered landline, “Can you check if the child just pranked the call or something is real”.

within 2 minutes, the police officer knocked at the door of an influential family in the area. A 7 years old scared boy opened the door and pointed to upstairs. The paramedic was also arrived but was waiting for the scene to be cleared. One policeman started to help the unconscious woman while another secured the scene. A paramedic came in and taken the woman to the hospital. The child protective services came to take care of the boy and his six-month-old sister. The injured woman suddenly got out of the stretcher as she saw her children with protective services. The young woman said, “I am alert and oriented and I do have the right to refuse the treatment. I am safe at my home. My children are not leaving home. I will stay here until my family arrived. The vulnerable and injured woman suddenly had become stronger when she saw her children ins stranger’s custody.

The police officers had full sympathy with the injured woman but they also had to do their job. This was the case of deadly domestic violence Vs the state. The victim had nothing to do with this. All they had done, take the children with the mother to the hospital instead of giving custody to the CPS. In the ambulance, she told the paramedic, “Can you call on-call neurosurgeon and radiologist and tell them to meet us on the ambulance entrance? Please, I will appreciate you. Given doctors’ names and paramedics did not have a choice. As the ambulance arrived at the ED entrance, both doctors were waiting for them. The paramedic rushed the injured woman to the ED but the woman stopped them. She was out of breath due to significant swelling around her neck. However, she was a strong woman. She told the radiologist, ” Di, take care of the children. Make sure the boy doesn’t give any statement. Call your mom, she in London now. Let her know everything”.

The young woman was brutally injured. She was strangled. Her face was full of bruises. She was lying down closing her eyes and did not want to talk with authority. Her eyes were closed but she could notice the flashes. The police crime unit was taking pictures of her injuries.

The police attempted to take the statement from the child but could not do it in the absence of parents. However, the boys could not stop. He yelled loudly, “My dad did it. He strangled my mom”.

The detective told the injured young woman, “You have a brave son. How about you. I heard that you are a pre-med student. It is the time now to stop it”. The young man kept her eyes closed as she was waiting for somebody.

within 2 hours from Canada, her brother-in-law was there. She looked at him with some questions. He understood from her look. Her look had asked many questions from him. He could say only, “I am his brother but I am your brother at this time. Don’t think that your decision will apart us. I think it is a good idea that he needs to learn some lessons from authority. How many years you have waited already. Did he improve? I am 100% sure that you are not in love with him so why you are trying to hide the truth. Does this your way to punish yourself?”

The injured woman did not cry at all but said bravely, “My mommy said the woman should keep the secret of the family. It should not go out of the walls”.

The old woman called her from London, “I am already at the airport. I am with you. I am sorry. It is all my fault. I did not know that my egg could be dirty”.

The American born brother, “Are you kidding me?”

The injured woman, “But brother, he will be jailed. How it would influence my children”.

The brother said, “I will handle it but he must need to see the judge”.

He was never arrested. His abuser visited her in the hospital. “I am so sorry. I was drunk and I lost control. I love so much. I will never touch alcohol again”.

she just laughed, “How many times you had made promised and how many times you failed man”.

The mother also arrived. She just slapped his grown-up son.

Two weeks later, both appeared in front of a judge. Everything was arranged in a private setting. However, the judge was so formal and love what he was doing, “Both of you are highly educated people. You guys have beautiful children and a bright future. What is the issue gentleman? Is anything wrong with your wife?

The husband said, No, Sir. It is all my fault and I take full responsibility”.

The honorable judge looked at the wife, “what do you suggest? Your inlaw family seems to love you more than their son”.

The young woman said, “Give him chance sir to improve. Rest depends on the almighty”.

The judge smiled, “Two years of probation. No injury to this bright woman anymore. No alcohol inside of your resident. The sentence will be not easy if you fail to keep the probation”.

The courage of the young boy has brought peace into the house. No more fear of weekends anymore. she did not have to hide anymore. The brother had checked on her every week. The old woman never took the vacation again because she did not want to leave the young woman home alone.

Everybody was so happy. The human judge had given chance to improve somebody so the children could have their father. two educated people could have some bright future together. The executive of Boeing and the future medical provider.

However, almighty had some different plans. He had forgiven the man for the last eight years for the sake of children. However, the almighty could see the hidden pain deep inside of the young woman which she hid behind her beautiful smile. Her silence and agony could not let the almighty sit quietly. The almighty provide justice but some take it could take a while. Of course, Nov 9, God had provided justice to the woman. The young man at the age of 37 died with a heart attack. The young woman had become a widow at the age of 30 but she was not 30. She was 26 years old in reality. Yes, she had become a widow at the age of 26 when the average girls start taking dreams about their marriage. However, it was the end of eight years of brutal life or marriage of the young woman. She did not cry. she was just numb.

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