A Pond in the Woods

Forest Pond Scene 2016 | This is a picture of a swampy ...

The young girl woman named Zia liked to visit the pond, which was mentioned by the old woman. So the young woman asks her little boy, “Hey, bald head, Do you want to go with me? I know you want to go.” So Zia asked the old woman loudly, “Mom, do you want to go with us?”

The old woman said, “Yes, I could go with you, but it is not very safe.”

Zia responded, “No problem, I won’t let you fall. I could carry you”.

Both women went through the backyard to the reserved forest area. Zia became so excited as she saw the pond in the woods, “Oh, it is beautiful. How did you find it?”

The old woman laughed at Zia’s question, “Zia, you can see this pond from our backyard, but you never come out of the house.”

Zia said, “My bad. Look at the ducks. They are huge”.

Suddenly Zia became sad and looked at her old woman with some questions, “Do you know how to read Hindi?”

The old woman laughed, “I hardly communicate with you in Hindi. My parents never took me to my ancestor’s place”.

Zia said, “That is great.”

Zia grabbed a letter from her pocket. She made a paper boat of her written letter and sailed into the pond.

The old woman looked at her surprisingly, “What was that?”

Zia smiled, “It is my secret mom, I don’t want you to read it. That is why I have asked if you know how to read Hindi.”

The old woman’s turn to laugh, “You silly girl, your letter is in the water. The water will immediately destroy the ink, so don’t worry. I am just curious to whom you have mailed your letter.”

Zia ignored the old woman’s question. Instead, she started to make a snowman. “See, I could make a snowman. Do you want to play with the snow, sweet boy?” Zia touched the boy’s nose with her cold hand. Her son smiled back at her.

Suddenly Zia shouted, “Mom, Mom, Can you believe it? Look at his eyes. His eyes smile when he smiles. Oh, he has a beautiful smile. My cute baby boy. Why the heck are you born without hair?”

The old woman told Zia, “Your boy has your smile. He smiles like you. Your eyes also smile when you smile from the bottom of your heart. However, it doesn’t look good when you fake your smile. Please allow your tears to be shed. I am worried about you. I care about you. Sometimes, I feel that I love you more than my daughters. I am concerned about you”.

Zia smiled back, “Mom, don’t you worry about me. I am a strong girl. The tears are stuck in my brain, so they won’t come out. But they will come out one day. My tears will come automatically the day my letter will sail to the right address”.

After that day, it had become Zia’s routine, going to the pond in the woods and sailing her letter. Her routine continued for the next 8 years.

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