Daily Journal: Day # 4

A year ago, it was the day today, her loved so-called soul husband had used her emotions to lie for him. today was that day, she felt the man loves her and willing to do everything, had used her to protect himself. Unfortunately, suddenly he had become blind and his soul died. He could not see the misery of a woman who loves him. His heart stopped beating anymore. He could not see a fragile and broken woman. He did not see the tears in her eyes. How he could see the condition of her heart. How he could see the condition of her mind. The man had become selfish who called her wife and the love of his life. This was the day when she had noticed that her bravo man had turned into a coward person.

he remembers how her sister had make many promises with her.

This was the day when she had allowed everyone to use her emotions.

she is surprised how he has become blind that he could not see her devastated condition. How someone could use a fragile and broken soul? A year later, she still love him. The love for him has made her psychologically crippled. Her trusted and loved people had started to use and abuse her emotions. Today, all left is a broken soul, heart, and broken body. No hope no desires no happiness.

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