The Little Girl Fights With The Beautiful Valley

The Sindh River: Image taken by me in 2014

The little girl along with her dog walks on the top of the mountain. She looks down into the beautiful valley. The girl becomes angry and her face turns red. She tells her dog, “Can you wait here? I need to talk to the valley. Oh, I need to fight with her. Don’t bark. I don’t want you to scare her”.

The girl shouts at the valley, “You are not good anymore. I told you last time do not come into my dreams anymore. Didn’t I tell you that don’t let him come into my dreams either? Why you don’t listen? Are you deaf or blind? Don’t you feel how much I hurt? on the top, you never forget to bring him along with you in my dreams. Why you make my life more miserable? Why you continue pulling me toward you?”

The beautiful valley listens to the little girl’s voice. The valley talks to Lidder and Sindh river, “Can you guys believe it? She is back again. I don’t know when this little brat and mean girl would grow as an adult. why she just doesn’t forget about me”?

Both rivers support the little girl because they had witnessed her love for the valley and her loved man. So, they both tell the Valley, “Hey, be nice to her. She looks means because she talks bluntly. Of course, she is a brat kid. But her anger is fair. We could not help her. She came to us for help even she lives abroad. She came home to get support, but we sent her back into many pieces. We have made her orphan again. We had given her an innocent mind and brain. She feels insecure. She returns not to fight but looking for love only. She knows her soul lives here. So be nice and kind to her”.

The Valley listens to both rivers carefully and she has understood well what they are trying to say. The valley looks up toward the mountain. She sees the little girl hiding behind the big stone, but she sees her black hat.

The valley talks to the girl now, “How are you, little girl. I often think about you. I remember your black hat. Isn’t the same black hat your father bought it for you from Russia?  where is the brown coat that was made of goat fur which your father bought it for you? You should wear it. It is kinds very cold here. I am afraid if you will get sick.

However, the little girl is still angry, “don’t try to act nicely now. I don’t like the brown color, so I had given my fur coat to somebody else. My father should know that my favorite colors are red, black, and blue. why he bought a brown color jacket. I am not here to explain to you why I dressed up like this. you stop worrying about myself. I am not a little brat kid anymore. I am grown up. you have become mean. You don’t look beautiful anymore”.

The valley laughs but you can feel sadness in her voice, “No, I am not beautiful anymore. I am sorry that I could not protect you. I could not hug you. Can you take my free advice? I am your roots. Have you ever thought why your mind is so innocent? You love nature, so nature is the one who has given you an innocent mind and heart. 

The Valley continues talking to the girl, ” It does not matter where you live. It does not matter that you may find other beautiful valleys in the world. But listen carefully, I am not only a valley. I am also your mother. Nature is your mother. You know it very well that your satisfaction, peace, and loving man are still in the valley. You will be always satisfied”.

The valley becomes emotional. The little girl comes out of the hiding place. The tears wells into her eyes. The voice of valley shivers when she starts to talk with the little girl again, “don’t you see a connection between us. why you don’t feel that we share a bond”

The little girl rubs her nose with her right hand with the same style of right to left. She tells her dog, “Can you be kind to me? Just listen to whatever this ugly valley saying” The dog follows the girl’s command. He sits on the ground and opens his ears to listen to the conversation.

The valley says, “hey brat kid, the history is witnessed. First, you end up suffer ing from emotional injuries. then I suffer from the same emotional injuries. A recent example is a proof.  I am hurting badly since you left the valley with your broken soul and disappointment. The local says the clouds of darkness came to the valley immediately when we had sent you back crying. I am agreed with them that the valley and people are suffering because we could not help our daughter. Some say, “the almighty had made us pay because we failed to protect our daughter. Can you forgive us now? I want you to come home”

The tears wells into the girl’s eyes, “I am sorry to say that I won’t ever keep my foot on valley again. I want you to stop him and yourself not to come into my dreams. I could live without you and him”.

The little girl wipes her tears and commands her doggy, “let’s go back, boy”.

While leaving, “the girl shouts at the valley, “You are ugly. I am still looking beautiful. But I am not me anymore. Take care of him and take care of yourself. you are nice and beautiful. I don’t feel coming to you anymore. He is gone forever. He was my life and everything but now he took everything away from me. I had visited the valley because he was there. He is not mine anymore so what I would do there.  my beautiful valley, please talks to my rivers and tells them the truth. tell them the man who walked with me on the banks of the not mine anymore. Tell them the man who has made such a decision and promised while walking around the rivers, is failed to keep his promises. Say goodbye to them. You take care of your Valley. Take care of him too. He is good or bad, but he is still the love of my life. The girl walks away crying.

The Valley talks to herself now, “I know you will be back soon. Your satisfaction, peace, and love are in the valley. so, no goodbye to my drear daughter”.

The valley becomes sad and talks to both rivers, ” are we paying the sins? She needs us but she refuses to get our help. Maybe it is already late. why I feel that we share our fate with this girl. she hurt and we get hurt later”

Both rivers nodes their head in yea style to tell the valley, “yes, we share our fate with her”.

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