Daily Journal: Day 2

Image forward to me by a unknown person

Last night, she got a dream again. She attempted to find him, so she could convey her message. She found him but she backed up. She decided not to reach him. She just looked at him from the distance. She talked to some people at his office and then she left. She headed toward his camp office but she did not go in. The door was open but she decided not to go inside. She woke up from her sleep and thinks, “Why I did not go inside when there was a door open”. It makes sense now. The person does mistake once. The second time is not counted as a mistake. It is called stupidity. She talks to him, “you were right that day. You had made the right judgment about me. You were not wrong”. He said in Dec 2018, “My Munna could not be backstabber”. She tells him today, “I am not sure if you are reading this. I want to let you know that I am not a backstabber.  I had done what is best for you. I want you to be happy and enjoy your life. Go forward with your future. Remember one thing, “Nobody is yours. you are your own. People salute to sunrise only”.

Once she ran to achieve her dreams but she lost her hope and desires. she makes her mind not to follow her dream anymore. She doesn’t feel alone anymore. She does not speak to anybody but she talks to everybody with her words. No emotional strings so no more pains or gains or losses.

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