This is not my house

It has taken her 45 minutes from her cousin’s house to reach home. She has parked her car outside the red brick house. She looks deeply at the house and looks at all the neighbors’ houses. The tree line of both sides of the road is beautifully decorated with multiple color Xmas lights. Each house is also decorated with different colors and designs of X-mas lights, Santa and Reindeers. Some people have done a lot of decoration compared to others. Her house is also decorated with beautiful multi-color lights.  She thinks in her mind, ” my big boy is not lazy after all”. 

She feels very strange returning to her home after 3 weeks. The house is six years old but still looks brand new. She has chosen the site of the house on the country club golf area. She thinks, “I don’t play golf why I have bought a house here. well, it is good for Ina boy or his father”. The house is built on the private property away from the city line in the countryside but all convenient stores also 5 minutes’ drive away. There is no traffic. Only people come to this side of the world who lives there. There are a couple of horse farmhouses and other agricultural farmhouses otherwise nothing else. Surrounding of the country club area is all reserved Forrest area. Only in the winter, you could see through the trees because all leaves are gone due to winter.

She enters the house. The house still has originally placed a light color carpet. The internal paint of the house is the combination of light and dark coffee color which is furnished simply with very light furniture. She doesn’t like covering the walls with paintings. There are only two oil paintings in the house. She looks at the kitchen and some old memories came into her mind. She ignores her feelings and goes upstairs. She just sits in the lobby and looks down, “why we built the house if I don’t like to live here. What I will do alone in this house?. He won’t come back”.

Yes, she is right. The house is too big for her. She has chosen a simple nomadic life. The house is larger and luxurious than her needs. The kids have redecorated her room but certain things are in the same manner. They know well their mother won’t like moving certain things around. She opens her closet which is full of ethnic clothes and matching bangles. She thinks now, “what is the wastage”. 

she was not fond of ethnic dresses. She was a tomboy who had spent her life in polo shirts and jeans. Since her childhood, she loves jeans and polo shirts. Most of her clothes used to be in black, blue, or red color. The majority of her clothes are still in the same colors. Her life was changed temporary when he had come into her life. Her desires were born and hopes went up. She wanted to see him happy. She started to do the things which he liked. He had chosen her dresses for the parties or functions. She misses him when it comes to choosing the dress. She makes it easy for her, “Problem has solved. I don’t need to go and I don’t have to choose the dress”.  

Suddenly she said, “No, this is not my home”. Her big boy said, “Mom, this is your house. Do you remember when we built it and you paid for it?”. Her son suddenly said, “Mom, do you want me to turn off the lights if it is bothering you”.

She looks around, “No, looks good. I like the X-mas tree. Do you guys buy a gift for me too? she asks her children as she looks wrapped gifts under the X-Mas tree.

Her daughter always has hard time hiding, “My laddy, your son is just like you. Guess what? The boy has bought another Banny bear for you”.

Both brother and sister start to fight with each other. The boy shouts, “can you keep a secret? Don’t you love ruining the surprises?”

Her daughter defends herself, “do you remember what mom said last time, “No more dame secrets”.

She closes her door behind while talking to the children, “Okay to fight but no wrestling”.

She comes inside her room. She sits in a very specific place, “Do you remember where is my house. This is not my house. I have built it. I have paid for it but this is not my house. You are the only one know what this means. My house is located on the top of mountain in the beautiful valley. That is my house. My house will be never built fully. It will be always incomplete. It has become my graveyard now. I often visit with Banny and Ina boy to our house on the mountain. Each brick of that house tells the story of our love. It does not matter who is the owner of our house in the valley but that is the only house which is technically mine”.

She hears her both children still fighting with each other. But she is lost in space, ” Which house has more value? The house built on the golf country club area or on the top of the mountain? Does the house built in 4800 SF have more value or the small cottage on the mountain? You are the only person who knows which house is mine and more valuable for me. Or someone else who knows what is the value of love if you have forgotten it. This is not my house. My house is somewhere else in the Valley”. 

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