Posting from my previous blog

My dear bloggers,

First, I want to say thanks to all my blogger colleagues and some hidden fans for supporting me during my hard days. Today, I have received email from one of hidden fans who have requested me to repost my previous posting from my former blog Reality and Reality. The fan has made the excellent point. “Don’t allow somebody to create another Sara, maybe this is the reason you are still alive and maybe this is the reason you are born”.

My fan is right that his family used me as a puppet. There is no reason why I hide others sin. The person(fan) is right which he or she has commented after reading my statement, “who should get punishment the sinner or the person who cover the sins”.

Yes, I am protecting the sinner who used me as puppet to get personal gain. The stringer has used me and abused me. I went everywhere to find the man who I love and trust. But, no single person could help me. I don’t blame anybody because the power and money buy everything and kill the reality.

My fan is right, “nobody could steal my voice and words. your life is taken away but you could save others’ life. who are you protecting: people back stab you, made you a puppet or the person who abandoned you and never looked back how much damage he had done”.

Thanks for your input after reading my new posting, “Why we live”.

Maybe this is the purpose of my life now. Thanks for showing me the purpose of my life.


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