Unable To Help A Dying Man


I took a break from my healthcare profession because of my short-term memory loss. I have not had a regular job since last year. I am filling in the gaps meant to cover sick calls and vacation. Due to my poor psychological state and memory issues, I have decided to step out of my role. I am on a permanent and long-term vacation. So, I could not help the man who was shot dead in front of me. No, it did not happen in reality. It happened in my dream while I was in a deep sleep. In the dream, I was in my native country. Suddenly, I heard someone knocking at the window. I saw a clean shave man banging on the window. He was continuously asking for my help. I got out of my bed and looked down. Two tall and obese women were standing near the window. One of them had aimed a gun at the man. She was ready to open fire at him. The man continued to beg if I opened the window or door so that he could come inside or I call 911. Well, there is no 911 system in my native country. Nobody will respond, even if they have one. They always come after the crime has been committed.

I neither knew those women nor the man. I was still debating what I should do. I failed to make the decision quickly enough because the woman had already opened fire on the man. Instead of falling outside, the dead man fell inside my bedroom. The glass of the window had shattered into many pieces. I looked at the dead man and then at the broken pieces of glass. Finally, one of the women told me, “Not to call the cops. He deserves to die. We will clean the mess”. Until now, it came to my memory who those women and the dead man were.

I thought it could be a conspiracy to make me a criminal. I can be in big trouble if I do not notify the authorities. There are already many hunters who are waiting for the right moment to attack me. So, I started dialing 911. Unfortunately, I was unable to dial 911. Each time I had pressed 911, but instead, it had dialed 901 or 910. In the meantime, one of the women aimed the gun toward me. Now, it was time for me to run and save my life.

I tried to run away while skating. However, in my real life, I never skated. I was skating too fast, but both women were faster than me. I also continued to scream for help, ” can somebody call 911? There is a dead body in my bedroom, and the killers are following me”. Many people were working in the farmhouses, but they just kept looking but did not do anything. Well, I had succeeded in escaping, but I could not save the man.

I woke up from my dream. I supported myself, “Save yourself before you try saving somebody else.” In reality, I am a different person who always says, “save somebody first, then yourself.”


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