Why Do We Dream?

Deep blue night sky with the Milky Way over the forest and trees surrounding the scene. copyrights of https://valleysleepcenter.com

He was consequently in my dreams for three nights, in which he tries to convey a similar message. Last night, I have got another dream which was not related to him. In my dream, I was in New Delhi. I never liked New Delhi since my childhood. New Delhi is his favorite place but mine is always ‘the beautiful Valley’. I always thought New Delhi take our favorite people away from us. Of course, It does because the international airport is located in New Delhi. I don’t like Delhi because it is over-populated and over-polluted now. I always have difficulty breathing due to excessive humid. People don’t respect your personal space at all there. The people live in the city may not have those problems but being a countryside woman, I don’t like it all. What I was doing in New Delhi in my dream? I could understand if I had dreamt about the Valley. In my dream, I was a young girl and my mother had sent me to buy some milk. Instead of going home after I picked up the milk, I started to play with my friends. A strange man was cooking some Nans. The entire milk had spilled on the floor in the process of playing and cooking. I was afraid of going back home without milk, so my friends suggested me to buy again. One girl has directed me to a store where I could buy milk. Interestingly, Everything was changed now. All the street names were American. I passed through many shops which also were also American shops. I could not find a milk shop. Somebody told me, It was 74 miles away. Neither I could find the milk store nor I reached home. However, on my way home, I had prescribed some medications to my patients. It was a strange dream. 

Why do we get to dream while sleeping? I have conducted some research to solve the mystery of dreams. In ancient times, people thought the dreams was a connection between God and human. Romans and Greeks had their own ideas that dreams are related to prophetic powers. The scientists could not help themself, so they also studied to interpret the dreams. in the 19th century, Scientists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung had presented a modern theory behind the dreams. They had connected the dreams to psychological views and repressed of the idea that dreaming allows us to sort through unresolved and repressed wishes. 

However, advancement in science also has created different theories about dreams. One well-known neurobiological theory “Activation-Synthesis- Hypothesis,” has suggested that dreams are merely electrical brain impulses that pull random thoughts and imagery from our memories. There is another neurobiological theory, “The Threat Simulation Theory” which suggests that dreaming should be seen as an ancient biological defense mechanism that provided an evolutionary advantage because of its capacity to repeatedly simulate potential threatening events – enhancing the neuro-cognitive mechanisms required for efficient threat perception and avoidance.

The neuroscientists have made significant development about why human gets dreams. They have used specific tools and study groups. They have conducted their research on a group of real people using modern technology such as MRI, EEG, and sleep study. The University of Rome, the Italian Research Team, and Matthew Walker at the Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab at UC Berkeley have conducted different studies on human dreams. The human frontal lobe encodes and retrieves of autobiographical memories seen while we are awake. The researcher also has found there is a relationship between our memories and emotions which come as dreams while we are in our REM sleep. 

I often get painful nightmares. Very seldomly, I get good dreams. I suffer a lot due to my painful nightmares, so I interpret my dreams my way to get some happiness.

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