The Soldier & The Young Girl


The little girl in the pink dress is a grown-up teenager now but none of her habits has been changed. She continues to chase the butterflies in her farmhouse. Most of the time, her curly black hair is tied up in two braids. Her nose is pierced with a shiny diamond nose pin which makes her hard to rub her nose. Her ear lobes were pierced too but she took off her earrings easily. She throws her multi-shades beads earrings into an irrigation canal, so her mother won’t insist her to put it again. The young girl screams loudly, “mum mum, you are not a good mommy anymore. My nose hurt so much. I can’t touch it because of this stupid nose pin”. Her mom replies her, “yes, this will help you to break your dirty nose rubbing habit, it will remind you to act like a girl which I doubt”.

The young girl goes to convince her soldier friend,” Abu Abu, can you please be good enough to remove my nose pin? I can’t do it by myself”. The soldier tells the young girl that the nose pin looks so good on her so don’t take it out. He said, “hey it shines from the distance which tells me to run far away because the tornado is on her way toward me”. She starts to cry, ” I don’t like you anymore. I will tell my father that you have not helped me. You are a dirty boy. I won’t talk to you anymore”. The soldier continues to smile and adore her until she disappears.

Militancy continues to grow up around her town. Both militants and army personnel continue to kill each other. The young girl’s routine is still the same. She plays in the farmhouse while her uncle watches her from the distance. After school, she goes to the sports club in the PAU complex. She has permission riding the motorbike along with her younger nephew when she goes to the sports club.

Her nephew is only 10 months younger than her. He has the same dark black curly hair like her. Both have the same habits, but her nephew has very fair skin which the young girl doesn’t like. She often asks her mother. ” mum mum why Binu has fair colored skin but I don’t. I don’t like this at all mommy. I should have fair colored skin not him”. Both get along with each other and of course, they are a partner in the crime. She never forgets to stop by the army camp when she returns from school. Yelling at the soldiers are included in her daily routine. She will find a new reason to yell at them. ” uncle uncle, I want you to move your camp out of my play place. This is my farmhouse. So, you guys better move from here by tomorrow. This is my final warning” the young girl tells the old soldier before she runs toward the grave of her ancestors. She doesn’t care to look backward or listen to the officer.

She starts to cry loudly as she sees her uncle. “Chachu chachu I told you many times to tell those army men to move away from my play place. But you don’t listen to your daughter either. I won’t be your daughter anymore. You are not a good chachu anymore. I will tell my dad as he returns home”.

Nobody gets angry or upset at her when she complains of anything. Everyone just smiles when she talks silly. She knows now very well that she won’t able to move the camp away. The young girl always comes up with new ideas. On her next visits to the farmhouse, she asks her soldier friend, “Abu Abu, I want to see the camp inside. I want to see how you guys live and where you guys sleep. Can I please”? Before she demands next, the soldier orders her to go home. The young girl starts to cry right away and tells the soldier,” you always mean to me. I really don’t like you anymore. I am leaving now and won’t see you anymore”. The soldier smiles but she has not seen him smiling. In the evening, the soldier opens his eyes after offering the namaz and find the young girl next to him.

She waits for her father every day. She asks her uncle,” chachu when we are leaving for Delhi to bring my dad home. Can we go tomorrow”? Her uncle tells her that her father’s plane has not arrived yet. Her childish behavior continues to grow up with her but none of her friends and cousins could compete with her when it comes to the study or sports. They always blame her, “stop it. Our parents are getting mad at us why we cannot bring the same grade as you”. Of course, she never scares of them. “Do I care if you guys are the boys and the losers? I am still the best one”. After fighting with each other, they start to play basketball until someone’s family won’t yell at them to come inside.

The next day the young girl and her nephew have ridden the motorbike directly into the army camp while screaming” don’t shoot us. The break of bike is not functioning properly”.  Her mother has told the girl not to leave the house but also warns to send the young girl to the boarding school unless she changes her habit and behavior. She listens to her mother carefully but tells her mom, ” mum mum, you know I cannot sleep until I won’t do some naughty things”. Mom ends up smiling and forgets what her silly daughter has done.

One day the young girl on her way from school to home, she sees the young soldier talking to his colleagues. She rushes toward him,” Abu can I marry you? I want to marry you because I like watching you when you do prayer. You also help me with my homework”. The soldier gets a little embarrassed, but his colleagues laugh at her. The soldier knows her very well. He knows she won’t leave until she gets some answers. So, he tells her, “okay promise after 15 years because that time we will be in the same age”.  She starts to cry loudly and runs toward her home. Crying and talking at the same time, the young girl tells her mother, “I don’t like him anymore. He doesn’t want to marry me. He is not a good boy anymore. I won’t talk to him anymore. He is a dirty and bad boy”. After, this incident, the young girl has sent to the boarding school which is only 30 minutes away from her home. Until this time, her father has come permanently back to his country.

Every weak she visits home but never forgets to stop by the young soldier to remind him, ” I don’t like you anymore. I am in a boarding school because of you. Nobody loves me anymore. Nobody was going to send me to that stupid boarding school if you were going to marry me”. But in the evening time, she sits quietly next to the soldier when he offers his namaz. The young soldier adores her but also instruct her to pay attention to his study. She always listens to him. The soldier once gets posted out of that place somewhere in West Bengal. However, the situation continues to worsen, so the soldier is called back to his old post.  Who knows what God has desires? She often gets surprised why this place is so important to protect. She gets an answer to her “why “after many decades later which has left her eyes and mouth open.

People continue to get confused daily. Most of the time they ask each other which side they are. The cloud of darkness continues to spread over the town. The young girl also often gets confused. At school every day she salutes the national flag and recites the national anthem but at home, she listens about the war on the religion. She asks her uncle what is going on, but he advises her to pay attention to the study. She talks to the young soldier, but he also advises her to pay attention to the study. At the end, everyone knows what side they are. Some have chosen their religion while others had chosen the beloved country. However, the young girl and her father are still confused about which side they should be. The young girl tells her father, ” dad lets stand in the middle”. Father laughs her daughter’s innocent conversation but gets worried inside about his daughter.

The cloud of darkness has not affected only the luck of the public but also start to completely cover the fate of the young girl without her knowledge. The darkness already has crossed the main gate of her home. The young girl could sense it but could not figure out what is going on. The young girl has no clue the devil already start to count her footsteps. Nobody has any clue when and why the devil has entered the life of the young girl. The little girl who has become a young girl growing in the shadow of three intelligent men is totally clueless about her future.  The young girl’s mother also possesses great knowledge and strength but not sure she will able to protect her daughter.  The soldier doesn’t have any idea that he won’t able to protect the girl from the dark shadow of her life.

The war on religion has been reached on the peak. The heart of the people has been damaged when the army has attacked the temple. The revenge is already taken by the warriors. Her family also get affected as the rest of the people. The soldier rubs her hair affectionately and advises her to stay inside the house and be safe.  Most of her friends are gone abroad. Some of them are in jail. Some of them are killed. Hindu friends are moved to the neighborhood States. She gets so scared and hides her face into both hands. She tells her father,” dad lets go back to our apple home in the Valley. I don’t like here anymore. I want to go back, baba”. Father often becomes speechless and could not tell his daughter that the valley is not safe either.

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