Sofi: The Laundry Woman

Reposting previous story

There are a lot of good people who have come in my life, so I thought to share them with my readers, bloggers, friends, and enemies. I will introduce those good souls slowly on my blog, so I have thought about writing about Sofi, the laundrywoman. She works in the same hospital where I am currently posted. I know her only from the past 5-6 months. I did not know her real personality until I have started communicating with her. she has a charming personality, who has left some imprints on my life. I was never people’s person; however, the old timing has changed which has brought me close to this young lady and many others.

Early morning around 6 Am, I often hear a song. A woman enters the emergency room singing a song. Her voice is mellow and soft. You can feel some happiness in her voice. This is the time when the overnight staff members need a cup of coffee or some time or air to breathe. Her soft and mellow voice adds more to reduce the stress level and intensity of fatigue. Sometimes she sings in English and sometimes in Spanish. She is from Columbia. She mostly walks in front of my desk. In the beginning, I could just hear her song but have not to chance to see her face.

Okay, my work station is not a typical office setting. It looks like the CIA or FBI or some times of police control room. In another way, three extra-large monitor and PACS unit (imaging monitor) is attached to the one computer, which provides a great amount of protection from unnecessary interference. In the beginning, I did not have any clue who is this singing lady. One day, I was so stressful. The computer documentation charting has added more stress. I was so afraid to move my stiff neck. My nurse has given me a warm pack but no relief.

Suddenly the singing laundrywoman has entered the ED. My nurse called her, “come over here Sofi, my doc could use your help”. I thought in mind how Sofi will help me. This is the first time when I saw Sofi. A middle-aged woman, some extra pound, brown skin who provide us a clean laundry though the outsourced vendor. She speaks fast which makes me sometimes a hard time understanding her. However, she has a beautiful smile, a big and warm heart. In the beginning, she was a little hesitated to communicate with me.

So, Anyway, my nurse told her, “Sofi, can you give our doc some massage, she recently went through a terrible car accident”. Okay, Sofi did not wait for my permission before she starts massaging my neck. I admit that she has some type of gifted hand. Sofi has commented to the nurses when continue to do my massage, “what you guys have done with my friend. Her muscles are so tense. I could feel the knots everywhere”.

after that day, Nobody has to tell Sofi to do the massage. She will automatically look over the desk to see who is on duty. She always becomes happy if I were on duty. In addition to singing her song, now she has added another thing in her daily routine massaging my neck and other staff members. while massaging, she loves talking about her husband, kids, and her elderly mother. Sofi love traveling, so she works hard to earn the money.

After having a couple of interactions with her, I get to know that she is not only the laundry woman but she is a wonderful human being. Her mother loves traveling around the world too, so Sofi works hard to pay for mother’s expenses. Many times, I have offered her coffee, breakfast, or some lunch, but she always kindly refused my offer. I told her once that Sofi you always come to massage my half-broken neck. You don’t have any idea how much you help to perform my job. I even attempted to buy some gift cards for her which she also refused.

Her answer was, “I love helping the people who help others. I will ask you if I need anything”. Of course, Sofi never asks anything. Sometimes, have I felt bad by doing nothing for her.

Sofi was the first one to know except me that I don’t have a sensation to my back of the head. She had also felt tense spasm and swollen blood vessels on my scalp which I won’t able to feel it myself. She made me laugh when she said, “doctor, you need to see a doctor”. Sofi went to talk with my partner who was on the east of the ED. She told him, “You need to better check your partner”. Of course, immediately MRI was done and I was started on the steroids. I continued ignoring my own health, but Sofi has taken the matter in her hands. Did Sofi was an angle who was sent by God to take care of me? God won’t knock at our doors to tell, ” Hey, I am here to protect you”, he always sends some angles.

Sofi love talking and laughing. She tells her stories when giving a quick message to the staff members. It did not take her a long time to understand that I had not heard any of her stories, anyway she continues telling me her stories. I have noticed that Sofi knows not paying attention to her.

So, I decide not to do anything for five minutes except listening to her. It was also a good mental health break. Later, Sofi has waited for me on my desk if I were busy with the patient.

Slowly, she has started to call me ‘hey girl’ instead of a doc. I have never mentioned to Sofi that I have loved her songs. I never told her that I have liked her kind and caring behavior. She is an example of humanity which most have started to lose.

I am no longer on the night shift. My day shift job starts at 8 am or some times around 2 pm. Sofi comes to the hospital around 6 am to deliver the clean laundry. So lately, I have not seen Sofi for the past one month. I do miss her sweet songs. Of course, her kindness and caring behavior.

Sofi never forgets to ask,”Hey girl, can you tell me how to lose weight”. I often laughed at her, “let me know if you find out”. I have left a keto diet recipe book with 3L of water bottle container for Sofi with, “Thank you” note.

It does not matter how long we know the people but they always leave some good or worse impression on someone’s life.

Thanks, Sofi for your services.

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