A Little Girl and A Soldier


Once upon a time, in the afternoon, a little girl dressed in a pink color was busy chasing the butterflies in her farmhouse in the countryside of the Eastern part of the world. Her long black, curly, and untied hair was covering her face, which had been distracting her visibility. With one hand, she tried to keep her hair off her face. However, the shiny black hair just wanted to continue kissing her innocent face. Often, with her right hand, she rubbed her nose from right to left with her unique style. Neither the noises of the farmhouse workers nor her untied hair had stopped her playing. The little girl’s uncle cautioned her for safety from time to time, but she was a careless and innocent little girl who just enjoyed playing all day around.

Every Sunday, the little girl loved chasing the butterflies, braiding the corn’s hair, and jumping in the irrigation canal. That was her every Sunday routine. Of course, nobody could have the courage to interrupt her. She had to do what she loved doing. Suddenly she stopped chasing the butterflies, and her vision was stuck in one place. Some early childhood memories had gone through her little mind and brain. She ran toward the railway track, but her feet suddenly slowed down just very close to a young soldier who was offering his prayer. The little girl sat by him quietly and waited for the soldier to open his eye. As the young soldier opened his eyes, he found the little girl staring at him continuously. Soon enough he faced multiple million questions from the little girl who was still trying to manage her untied hair and rubbing her nose with her right hand. The soldier could not catch many of her questions because she was speaking so fast. Without answering any of her questions, the soldier walked back into the camp.

The little girl was surprised to see some familiar prayer far away from where she was once born. She ran towards her home. Her little mind and heart were now full of many curious unanswered questions. She attempted to explain to her mother but failed because the little girl was talking too fast. How and why here? So, she ran up to the rooftop and told her cousin what she had seen. The little girl did some planning with her younger cousin. That night the little girl could not sleep because something was flashing back in her innocent mind. Her eyes were wide open in curiosity due to her unveiling questions. The only person who could answer those questions was her father, who was out of the country at the time. Another person who could answer her questions was the soldier himself. Early the next morning, she left with her cousin for her daily routine, including running at least 2 miles. Her younger cousin, also her partner in the crime, was running just ahead of her.
However, the little girl’s feet were stopped near the army camp where the soldier was reciting his prayer. she sat quietly next to him. As the soldier opened his eyes, he found the same girl staring at her, but her hair was tied back in the ponytail, and she was in a navy color tracksuit but again rubbing her nose in the same manner as yesterday. She started to ask the same question as she did yesterday. The soldier looked at her again and started to walk toward the railway track where the rest of the crew were waiting for him. The fearless and innocent girl chased him, asking all the questions. He ignored the little girl and her questions. Finally, one of the soldiers told the little girl, “okay, kid, it’s time to go home now. Your uncle must be looking for you”. The little girl’s eyes filled with tears, and she told the other soldier, “No, I am not going to leave until he tells me who he is and why he is here.”

The young soldier was still not in his mood to talk with her. Suddenly, the little girl started to cry. Rubbing her eyes with both hands and often rubbing her nose with her style. The little girl continued to cry which the entire group could not understand what she was asking because she was talking and crying simultaneously. Finally, the little girl came home; of course, she did not run, but she still came home after her cousin. Then, of course, she had to face her mother’s first-degree interrogation. She hid from her mother, but she shared her secret with her uncle. Later she went to school, but her mind was not with her. The little girls’ curiosity was not solved, so how could she sleep or pay attention to her studies?

Reciting the prayer was the soldier’s routine, but it had distracted her routine. Every day, the soldier found two curious eyes staring at him as he opened his eyes after the prayer. This routine continued until the young soldier gave answers to many of her questions. The soldier did have a very reserved personality. Nobody had seen him talking a lot. That soldier was a warrior who had saved many people. The soldier ended up saving the little girl and her little gang. Soon, the girl and her little gang started to spend their free time playing with the soldiers. Often, the young soldier helped the children do their homework. The little girl often made him write her school assignments. The soldier was impressed with her innocent behavior.

He adored her whenever she rubbed her nose with her right hand in the same style, right to the left”. The young soldier often laughed at her rubbing her nose with her unique style. Time passed quickly. The little girl had grown-up now, but her habits remained the same. Sometimes, the soldier used to tell her, “why do you cry on the little things? You should not be very emotional. Being very emotional could disrupt you completely”. However, she never listened to him. She always told him, “Now, you are here, so why do I have to worry about anything.”

The young soldier was a true Muslim who was full of ethics and morality. He never failed his duties but also never forgot his prayer time. He always looked so calm and peaceful, but he was also a warrior full of courage. She had seen the other side of his face while he was fighting and dying for his country. The soldier died one early morning fighting for his country. The girl never went back to her favorite play spot. Of course, the young soldier has left an unremarkable impression on her little innocent mind. I wonder if she still looks for his soul in somebody else. Why she doesn’t understand that not every man in uniform who performs his prayer routinely could be the same respectful and brave man. I wonder if two and half decades after his death, the girl still waits for him so he can protect her.

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