One Winter Evening

Not many people like cold weather but this is my favorite season of the year. It makes my day if also snowing or raining. I won’t complain if the temperature will go below zero. Somehow, I feel there is no holiday season without winter and snow. The temperature drops significantly in the windy city. Even the scale shows temperature 10 degrees but it is actually below zero degrees.

I love everything which is caused by winter or rain or snow. However, I don’t like it when it impacts on the green grass and trees. Last week, I drove my car in the evening. The sky was full of clouds and the sun had made multiple attempts to show his face between the dark clouds. I had chosen the countryside while drove from southern IL to Wisconsin. I was driving at high speed but I was very cautious. I don’t want to kill any deer again as I did in the past. I needed to drive fast because I wanted to reach at my destination before dark. There are many reasons why I don’t want to drive in the dark. I won’t able to see nature at the night which was one of reasons today.

Fields had damaged due to cold. I didn’t see anything green. Everything looked outside messy. No deer came in front of my car. But a police officer were chasing my car though. I pulled my car to the side of the road. I thought my car stickers were expired in Oct that is why the police officer was chasing me. I renewed it but had not received it yet. I did save the receipt on my phone which was a smart thing to do. As the police officer approached the window of my car, he asked for my driving licence and car insurance. The young white cop stated, “mam you are driving 67mph and the speed limit is 45 mph”. Oh no, this not a sticker chase but it was a speed chase. I just said politely,” I am sorry Officer. I want to reach my destination before dark. I am kind of having a phobia from the darkness. I am very cautious so I will not kill any deer”. He already looked at my car until then. The left side of the windshield still has a sticker of the emergency vehicle I don’t know what he thought. He came after verifying my information and let me go with an only warning.

The mixture of sun setting and clouds were making the sky very scary. It was like golden and red rays on the white sheet. The view was making me so sad. I felt something pulling out of my heart. I did not feel comfortable at all. People say it is beautiful and romantic but I have a great phobia from the sun setting. The rest of the drive was without any incident. I had reached the cottage at Wisconsin before the dark. The old memorial place has become my current hideout place. The cottage was so cold. The landlord lady had not turned on the heater.I don’t feel cold at all now. The number of different types of chemicals going into my body definitely has increased the body temperature. I can walk outside wearing only a shirt below the freezing point temperature.

I did not expect the scary combination of sun setting and clouds. I did expect the beautiful evening but It had ended up being scary. A strange fear had covered me. I wish there was rain. I wish there were only clouds. I actually don’t like sun at all. Next time, I will remember to check the weather forecasting which I am not quite sure how reliable it could be.

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