Life Without Immunity

Tarot Reading by NinfeAde on DeviantArt

Humans already went to the moon. The advancement in technology has brought the world together. Medical science has improved significantly. Every day, there is a new invention in the medical and scientific fields. It is hard to stay current with modern technology and research. Some communicable diseases are eradicated completely while others are well controlled with vaccination. Science has enabled the human to fight against the desire of God. It does not matter if your immune system is not strong enough to fight against infectious diseases because you will be able to receive the vaccination or prophylaxis for prevention. The science covers only physical immunity of the human. Physiological or pathological status is not enough to define human life. Human life does have different components such as spiritual, psychological, and karma. The scientists are able to create a clone of everything but sometimes I wonder why they could not immune all components of kismat or karma.

A norma human faces up and down or slippery slopes in his or her entire life. Sometimes we lose or win. Can scientists invent a vaccination to immune the karma/life? Why there is no vaccination to fight against the happening of bad things. Everybody has some loss or bad things in their life which nobody could avoid. I get priority being a first responder to get any type of vaccination such as H1N1 and Influenza etc. Will I get a priority if there were any vaccination to immune life? How about palm readers or tarot readers or people who claim to have a psychogenic ability to the future.

I remember an incident when I was a young girl. There was so hot. Electricity was gone, so no fan or air condition system. We sat on the porch and the main door was fully open so we could have at least some air. I, my uncle, and cousin was sitting on the cot cursing electrical board. A beggar came in and asked for some food and flour. He saw three of us sitting on the cot. He often came to the town and used to get money, food, or clothes from the women. He had the capability to convince the women that something would happen to their family or loved ones. He offered his services to remove the evil. I am not sure if it was the bad day for the beggar or us. He stopped by us. He tried to convince us but he failed. My uncle did not pay any attention to him but I and my cousin thought of teaching him a lesson. so we started to interrogate him with the questions. We asked him about our past instead of our future. Being a con artist, he robbed the emotional women. He could not tell us anything. He thought my uncle was my father and my cousin was my brother. I and my cousin ended up making the beggar run away from the town. we also warned him not to be seen around our community. I never believed in tarot reading or palm reading. I used to say, “We make our own karma”.

Presently, I have seen a flashing sign of “Tarot reader and Palm” in a small house for the past 5 years. My life is not immune enough so I have got a lot of bad news. I was on my way to a shopping mall along with my daughter. Suddenly, my daughter said, “let’s go, mom. we should learn about our future”. We had nothing else to do. Both of us entered the small house. A woman with lots of jewelry welcomed us. The woman was very straight and blunt. She held my hand and continued looking at my palms for at least five minutes. I was in a good mood. Of course, I was dressed nicely. Suddenly, the palm reader said, “Your life is taken away from you. Someone has an evil eye for you”. I was shocked. As I said, I was in a good mood so it was hard for her to make a judgment by looking at my appearance. However, she did not know me. I had not told her anything. However, she predicted my good future. I gave her $20 and left her house by saying, “yes, I know already. But there is no vaccination to immune my karma”.

6 thoughts on “Life Without Immunity

  1. Hey, Munna Sara! Glad you’re blogging again. It is a nice creative outlet. Don’t let that fortune teller get under your skin anymore than you did the mystical beggar, though. There really are spiritual powers in play all over the world. Not all of them are of God. Blessings on your writing. πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi Sara, so nice to see you back blogging again. But, hey, never give up, never lose trust in love. There is much evil in this world, but much good and love still persists as well. I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend! Thanks for following me again, I hope you will continue to enjoy all the happenings new and old on my blog!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Ίβ›„πŸŽ„

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